Not many ladies know how to turn on a guy without touching him all over. We are aware of all the fascinating areas to contact them and turn them on, but how to make them want you without touching them is an issue. It may seem hard, but it’s not. You can practice for some time, but the moment you know the tricks you will have him all over you. Doing this is not a bad thing mainly if all you need is to turn him on. Learn these tricks in this article.

Genuinely Laugh and Smile

seductive womanIf you can throw your head back a smile and laugh with ease is more attractive. Doing it shows a guy that you are very positive and easy going. And when the guy knows that you will not cause any drama and any irritation, he will get more turned on. So you should allow yourself to laugh and have a fantastic moment and he will love you more for it.

Have a Sense of Humor

You should not be so uptight. Laugh with him and learn how to joke with him. But if he makes jokes that are crude and offensive, then that’s not the kind of a guy you need to turn on. However, if he makes you laugh, you should do the same. Learn to enjoy his sense of humor and let him know that you have a sense of humor as well.

Be Confident

It will be sexier if you have confidence. To turn your guy on you, need to remember this and embrace who you are.  Besides, if you have confidence, you don’t need to talk to a guy to turn him on. Get inside that room as the prettiest lady around and all the guys in the room will begin to think just that, and you will turn them on.

Give Prolonged Eye Contact

Eye contact is the best way to connect with someone. Holding his gaze for some minutes, you will get him hooked. It will improve the sexual feeling and let him know that you only have eyes for him alone which is more attractive to most men. And with no time you will turn him on.

Bite Your Lip

Most ladies bite their lip when flirting with a man that they genuinely like. However, for it to work effectively, do it when giving him prolonged eye contact. Though, you don’t need to make it aggressive. It may look somehow odd.  You as well need to make the lip biting more subtle to him. Barely bite your bottom lip while looking at him slowly. It will catch up his attention straight to your mouth. And because guys relate your mouth with lots of naughty things, you will get him turned on.